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Harmony & Goove is pop and funk, R&B and soul, smooth harmonies and infectious beats!

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It's Groovy! I Love It!! Definitely dig the Neo-Soul, Indie-Pop, Funk vibe of the album. The mesh between the warmth of classic funk and soul and the sleekness of contemporary pop and R&B is apparent. It's definitely worth checking out! - CD Baby review

The title track "Bringing Down the Mercury" is a great way to start the album, with it's smooth soul/piano jazz instrumentation. "Crazy" is another favourite track of mine, one of many on the album that combines the band's uptempo funky dance beats with positive lyrics of peace, love and understanding. Overall, if you like music with its roots in '70s funk/soul, but with a modern electronic twist, you'll definitely love "Bringing Down the Mercury"! - iTunes review

With Bringing Down the Mercury, Carl has put cool-down jazz with pump-up pop in a blender, resulting in a smoothie of groove that is easily palatable and irresistibly catchy - Ottawa Life Magazine